Faraday Cage Building

Faraday cages, RFI/EMC-shielded tents, rooms and shielded enclosures

We specialize in designing and building Faraday cages, RFI/EMC-shielded rooms, TEMPEST material for encrypted announcements/communications, RFI/EMC-shielded tents and other covering materials. We have decades of experience in constructing the following shielded rooms and components

  • Faraday cages
  • Faraday tents
  • RFI-shielded chambers
  • TEMPEST chambers/rooms
  • Magnetic covering for low frequencies
In house production facility

We produce Faraday cages daily and are therefore able to quickly deliver standard sizes from our large stock. The panels we keep in stock can also be adjusted quickly according to your needs, for example for the input of power line filters, waveguides, honeycomb ventilation panels, etc. These custom-made sizes can be produced in several weeks from order date. When desired, the Faraday cage can also be adjusted on location.

We can deliver a cage in any requested size with any requested attenuation. If a straightforward cage with low attenuation requirements is desired, we can deliver the cage standard from stock for an attractive price.

Faraday Cage Building
Freestanding modular Faraday cage

Our prefabricated self-standing modular Faraday cages offer superior screening of EMI/EMC signals, e.g. for R&D, TEMPEST and Testing purposes. A freestanding (independent of the host building) prefabricated modular Faraday cage provides a superior screening of RF-signals and is applicable in a wide range of situations for a wide range of purposes as described below. The modular Faraday cage is designed to meet or even exceed the vast majority of covering requirements requested in todays society.

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